Hi, my name is Marleen Krallmann and I work as a calligrapher, conceptual artist and designer in Kiel northern Germany. Check out my Portfolio on instagram!
Please contact me via linkedin or mail to hey[at]scriptmar.com! If you’re interested in classes feel free to check out my Info-Sammlung on scriptmar.com :)




 I am happily inviting you to the second part of the exhibition Regionale VI: 10. – 25. September 2023 at the Overbeck-Gesellschaft in Lübeck!


 The exhibition shows three projects of mine, from which one I just built in August 2022. For that I residenced a few weekends at the Palais für aktuelle Kunst in Glückstadt. I built a human-height Fraktur-a. My aim was to be able to really get into this letter to fully examine it’s architectual structure.